Here's some local history and gossip regarding famous people who have lived and loved in East Sussex.

Stephen Fry as Oscar WildeUnusual characters and famous faces just seem drawn to Brighton and Hove! For as long as it's been here, this particular stretch of coastline has appealed like nowhere else in the UK. Is it just like London by the sea? San Francisco in Sussex?

Well, maybe not quite, but I noticed not long after moving to this coastal haven for homos, that Sussex, and often Brighton and Hove, kept cropping up in the lives of famous fairies and their friends. You know, Radclyffe Hall stayed here, Edward Carpenter was born there, that was Oscar Wilde's favourite hotel, that sort of thing.

So I set about collecting some of this juicy info, in a desperate attempt to satiate the culture vulture within me. I've only got myself to blame for ending up a trivia junkie, but it does have its benefits.

Feel free to sample my booklet on the homes and haunts of creative talents of queer interest in Brighton and Hove, called Painting It Pink!. It's a sort of pink plaque guide to Local Art History, covering the famous, not so famous and sometimes infamous fairy folk that make this area something special.

Painting It PinkPainting It Pink! [Homo Made Books, Brighton 1996 ISBN: 095287010x] is now available from: OUT! Brighton, Public House Bookshop, Waterstones. In Scotland it's in stock at West & Wilde in Edinburgh; and in the USA it's available from Lamba Rising, Dupont Circle, Washington DC.

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