Put your wellies on!Safer Gay Sex

I hope you'll all practice safer sex when you're in the City.

The Terrence Higgins Trust can offer advice, testing, couselling and practical information amongst other matters so please use their web site as a first point of call.

Homeless people can get sexual health information, condoms, lube and needles from 61 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AE.
Tel: 01273 764 200 Email: info.south@tht.org.uk

Damm!And remember that you will find condoms and lube in most of the gay venues around Kemptown.

And ladies... this applies to you too! Sexually transmitted diseases are not fussy about who they affect, please think carefully about the risks involved and the protection you need for you and your partner. Safe sex for lesbians usually involves Dental Dams, available from health clinics.

For further information on Safer Sex and HIV/AIDS check out these websites:

Useful Tel. No.'s

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